[RESOLVED] Many reports of failure to backup to CrashPlan Central


We are investigating a change in the CrashPlan client which causes our system to send out warnings that no backup destination is specified.

More details will be posted here as they are available.

We are investigating what change may have happened to CrashPlan Central users which has caused a wave of “No Destination” Alerts. - https://twitter.com/WatchmanStatus/status/543159429106245634

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a watchman problem - I mean I think you reported the problem correctly, if only too rapidly. After the issue was reported (300 times), I logged into Crashplan Central and saw that there were no destinations showing there, either.

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Indeed. @willoneal this round of warning we sent were not incorrect.

The problem happened to only a small percentage of computers, and was only reported by two Watchman Monitoring subscribers.

The problem reported was accurate, and Code42 was aware of the problem, and fixed it as soon as possible.

The change we made in response to this issue was to always show an “informational status” of yellow in the dashboard whenever any CrashPlan client has no configured destinations. (Previously the behavior was to send one warning notification, then report OK, because it was technically doing what it was told).

So, we thank you as always for reaching out whenever there is a question on the reporting we provide.