Mac Client 6.0.1 – Carbon Copy Cloner 4, CrashPlan Reporting updates


  • Carbon Copy Cloner 4 Support

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Battery status detection
  • Retry certain plist reads when looking for POST and RAID Status
  • Better handling of JSS URLs during Casper Suite upgrades.


Hi All!

Updated CrashPlan reporting
While looking into Thursday’s CrashPlan reporting oddity, we determined that by always showing yellow warning label when CrashPlan was installed, but not configured, it would be easier to determine which computers had configuration problems after the incident at CrashPlan Central.

This has us pushing out 6.0.1 a bit sooner than we’d planned, but it’s worth it in this case.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4
The bigger news is Carbon Copy Cloner 4 support. The fine folks over at have done a great job with their v4 product… a total rewrite, and even easier to use. What? you can edit existing schedules now?.. nice! Because this is such a major rewrite, it’s possible that not every I was dotted & T-Crossed in our interpretation of CCC’s handling of esoteric schedules.

If you have a CCC 4 job that’s out of the ordinary, or if you just have a question, please reach out to support with any questions:

New installer options
One more thing: We’ve improved the Installer bundle, asking more clearly for a Group setting, and suggesting that the owner of the computer (family, office, or department) be used as a Group name. That said, our new Group-specific shill installers prevent your end-users from ever having to enter a group at all.

Read more about the new installer options here.

Update - we’ve put out a patch to stifle reports regarding all manual Carbon Copy Cloner jobs.