Mac Client 6.4 – SMART Utility, Filewave Client Status, Faster Reporting


  • Improved failure detection with SMART Utility. Drives with errors in their last 250 hours of use will be reported.
  • Reporting the state of computers managed by FileWave
  • Improved handling of external calls, cutting our Mac & Linux agent’s run time in half.


  • Improved detection of active network connections, when there are many configured.
  • Alerts if a computer’s name is changed to a space " "
  • Better logging in Group-specific installers when the most recent installer can’t be downloaded.
  • Clarification when a report could not be sent (the computer was offline, etc) and an issue is reported hours or days later.
  • SMART Reporting skipped entirely on Mac VMs
  • Improved Daylite Support

Bug Fixes

  • Better support for disks which take too long to report FileVault status.
  • Better UPS Status reporting when SPPowerDataType contains non-English output is presented


The 6.4 release is a great pleasure of ours. The SMART Utility partnership brings us the best in SMART reporting, and allowed us to draw a sane line between reporting drives which had a problem at one time, and those that are in the early stages of failing. Read more in our support article about SMART Utility.

Integrating with FileWave is exciting due to the cross-platform nature of their computer (and mobile device) management software. Look for more to come as we grow this development.

We’ve always been satisfied with our agent’s run time, spending only a minute of time each hour while checking 150 data points. That said, who doesn’t like speed? We were very happy to find a way to cut down the time we spent waiting for external process to complete, resulting in an overall speed increase of 50-100%. End-users are unlikely to know there’s any change, which stands to reason , because staying out of an end users’ way has always been one of our primary goals.