Mac Client 6.4.1 - SMART Improvements, Support for Daylite 6, Faster installers

Mac Client 6.4 introduced our SMART Utility based plugin. In planning and testing the following premise held true: many drives have recorded a few old errors. Maybe those should be replaced, maybe not, so we chose to mark those as informational.

What we found after deployment was that a number of drives which didn’t report the last time they recorded a problem, leading us to think the issue was brand new.

As of Mac Client 6.4.1, we will record only informational notices when SMART Reporting when a drive has under 10 bad sectors, and has not recorded the time of its last error.

While we were at it, we finalized support for Daylite 6 Server, Daylite 6 Client which would include support for Daylite Cloud.

We also reworked the installation process, speeding up our Group-specific and Enrollment code based installers. During this time, some subscribers received a build of the Mac agent which would not report in its first run.

A note to anyone who keeps a copy of the installer on a USB Thumb drive, or uploaded to your site: Please update your offline copies of the installer as new versions are released. Yes, the auto-update process should work, but it’s best to use the latest, greatest installer, or simply link from your site your live installer link.

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Are the installers downloaded from the group page updated now? If we use the old group installer how long does it usually take to update?

Regarding this page is there a way to embed the group into those pages?

Group-specific installers are “shill” installers and typically only need changing when your Custom Branding changes.

In this case, we streamlined the install process to allow the shill installers to complete sooner.

Once you have created a group, the resulting installer can be downloaded & posted to your site for users to download.

Embedding options for the Enrollment Codes feature can be found here:

Options to generate Group-specific installers for arbitrary groups is an API feature in development. Contact with your proposed use-cases so we can ensure our plans will meet them.

Thanks so much!