Mac Client 6.3.3 - Potential OS Upgrade notices, few more bug fixes

Hey again

Today we are releasing version 6.3.3 of the Mac agent. Among other things, this agent provides data about potential OS Upgrades; just in time for El Capitan tomorrow.

You will need to opt-in for this feature, details here:

Other changes in this release include bug fixes for our Daylite Server plugin, and one more tweak for filevault testing.

This release also corrects an issue where URLs in the Contact Menu which contain a # would break due to double percent encoding.

Additionally, version 6.3.3 and above should aggressively reset any caching in the PreferencePane, ensuring that your Custom Branding shows through right away.

For anyone keeping a copy of your installer offline, be sure to visit your Dashboard’s installer page and grab a fresh copy of your .pkg installer (the dmgs were depreciated a while back)