Mac Client 6.1.4 - Gruntwork reporting, Malware and the last of the DMG

Hi everyone,

Today we released a fairly minor update to the Mac Client, here’s what’s new:

While the group-specific installers are great when you know the group ahead of time, there is no requirement to create Groups before deploying. Posting a link to your installer on your website makes an easy way to automatically download the latest version. Our Instructions used to point to the dmg, because when we started this, code-signing was barely a thing and the dmg was needed to keep the bundle package intact!

The dmg build process was taking about 2/3 of our build time, and by letting it fall to the past, we are able to deploy updates in a much more efficient manner. This also makes Custom Branding much easier, as people used to fret greatly over where in the dmg to put the pkg. If you wish to continue this, we’re very happy to recommend DMG Canvas, which can easily automate the building of DMGs. Our dmg Template is available here.

So, the last thing to do before we close the door on the dmgs is to have everyone replace .dmg with .pkg in their links, and to update any copies of installers on thumbnail drives to 6.1.4.

While you’re thinking about keeping your installers up to date, know that the group-specific installers are playload free, and always reach out to our server for the latest .pkg. So, feel free to leave group-specific installer on your end-user’s file server, knowing they can always use it to enroll their new computers with the latest version of Watchman Monitoring.

If you have any specific questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out via

Thank you all!