Windows Client - Improved DiskIO, Memory Reporting and Bug Fixes

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  • DiskIO - Checks for disk I/O errors in Windows Event logs, alerts are sent if more than one error is found in any given hour.
  • MemoryCheck - Checks if system has swap files enabled. (Can be enabled/disabled and managed through Control Panel)
    • If disabled, will exit with an informational warning when RAM usage passes a threshold.
    • If enabled, will exit with an informational warning when commit memory usage passes a threshold.
  • BitDefender - Added bitdefender plugin. Checks for days since last run, update, the current status of AV, AM and Firewall, and reports summary information about last scan.
  • Windows Update plugin alerts can now be selected based on update types (Critical, Minor, Drivers).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that could cause Control Panel to not open correctly.
  • Fixed issues with AVG and Avast not showing the correct status of Firewall/Anti-malware services.
  • Fixed issue with attempting to alert on an AVG version we currently do not support.
  • The Control Panel panel icon will be displayed in the highest resolution available.
  • Fixed an issue where antivirus plugins would not report found threats if no other issue existed.
  • Added extra null checking in WindowsBackup plugin.
  • Windows Backup Update and Restore reporting prevents notices when backup is no longer configured.
  • Reduced WMI warnings related to network login profiles.
  • Fixed issue where summary report of Antivirus that would cause the last antivirus item found to dictate whether an alert is thrown or not (now all contribute as expected).
  • Added error checking for Bomgar that prevents failures to read registry key data.
  • Fixed issue that would cause duplicates to be reported in OneDrive plugin.
  • Fixed issue with drive being shown as missing despite not being monitored.
  • Fixed issue where VMs would continue to report changes in RAM.
  • Fix how we check for firewall and antivirus/antimalware statuses in Symantec to be more inclusive (prevent certain enabled settings from showing as disabled).
  • Fixed issue that would cause update check in Control Panel to not update or open.
  • Fixed legacy installers to show more complete information in "add/remove programs" window.
  • Fixed issue where Windows Update plugin would parse set default "0" as a usable date.
  • Fixed issue with the Webroot plugin trying to read non-existent registry keys.
  • Fixed issue with Kaspersky status reporting.


  • Removed checking for QualityCompat key in Windows Update plugin as it is no longer required by Microsoft®.
  • Reworked how we report on max threshold for volumes. Now user is able to individually select the threshold for different drives.
  • Removed the option to disable SSL when reporting.
  • Fixed formatting for volume plugin summaries.
  • Closing the Monitoring Client (during shutdown/uninstall) is more responsive.
  • SMART plugin no longer runs by default on VMs. (This can be managed via our Control Panel).
  • Added setting for ignoring AUC for Windows Updates. (This can be enabled from the Control Panel).
  • Removed reporting excessive information about disabled users in User plugin.
  • Blacklisted more MAC addresses which would not function as a unique identifier.
  • Updated output for systems running Windows 7 BackUp and Restore vs Windows 10 backup.
  • Changed how SID is gathered.
  • Added RPC server being unavailable from becoming a traceback (caught by generic error handler now).
  • Backblaze will now only send an alert that it has been uninstalled once rather than each run.
  • Removed local indicator in volumes and root capacity plugins (\\.\).
  • Changed link for troubleshooting WMI to point to MSDN.
  • Many minor changes to plugin reports metadata and summary formatting.
  • Limit the maximum number of Veeam reports that can be reported on at once to 5.