Windows Client - More Backup and Threat Detection Plugins

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  • New Carbonite plugin reports type of backup, last backup date, and other settings.
  • New Arcserve plugin reports last backup date, status, and other settings.
  • New Malwarebytes plugin checks status and reports on any found threats and automatic shield threat detections.
  • New Windows Defender plugin reports found threats and the status of Windows Defender.
  • Account expiration reporting added to Mozy plugin.
  • New Report Reboot plugin that reports when a system first reports after a shutdown/reboot state. This plugin can be activated under the Operations panel in the Monitoring Client Control Panel.
  • Added last hibernation boot date to Operating System plugin when applicable.
  • Holding Ctrl while clicking on the Contact Menu presents an option to run the Monitoring Client.
  • Added liquid variables to Contact Menu.
  • Added reporting of volume media (ssd vs rotational) as metadata for Volumes plugin.
  • When the Monitoring Client is removed, the method of client removal (remote vs manual) is displayed on its Computer Record.
  • New MonitoringClientUpdater service checks for updates daily, independently from the Monitoring Client service.
  • Internal Contact Menu additions for upcoming features.


  • CrashPlan plugin ignores incomplete CrashPlan account setups, unless there is at least one other complete account.
  • Removed offline as a printer status as it would report when the connection was disconnected, but the printer was not necessarily offline. Whitespace is no longer be reported as a printer attribute.
  • Added contained drives to summary for failing devices.
  • Split Volumes plugin to Root Drive and Volumes.
  • Added attempts to install Beacon Reporting if it does not exist as a service.
  • Renamed Windows Defender plugin to fix issue with Malwarebytes false positive.

Bug Fixes

  • Installer no longer prompts the user to close Monitoring Client or Beacon Client services.
  • Fixed issue where service would sometimes not start after a system shutdown, resulting in the computer showing as Missing in our Dashboard.
  • Windows Activation plugin now shows entire License Status.
  • Fixed issue where Contact Menu did not have enough rights to be created.
  • Changed error catching system to lower possibility of crashing.


  • We are currently reviewing an issue where Symantec AV may quarantine portions of our agent as a false-positive.
  • There is a small chance disabled plugins may re-enable for some subscribers. This should not happen again.