Windows Client - Bitlocker, Macrium Reflect, and more

(Watchman Monitoring News) #1

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  • New Bitlocker plugin tracks Bitlocker enabled drives, their current status, and whether or not they remain Bitlocker enabled. To track drives, use the Control Panel's Monitored Drives list.
  • New Macrium Reflect plugin checks backup status.
  • New Uninstall methods and features:
    • Uninstall through the Control Panel, and choose whether or not to send out one last report.
    • Uninstall.exe will send a final report before uninstalling.
  • Windows Update plugin reports the last time Windows checked for updates. An alert will trigger when the last update check is older than 1 week.
  • Clicking the company name entry in the Contact Menu item while holding the ctrl key will open the Computer Record in the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard (login required).
  • Last User reporting falls back to the last RDP user if no other last user was found.
  • Control Panel displays a loading icon while running a report.
  • Monitored Drives can be set through the Control Pane to Alert on Missing when missing during the hourly run.


  • WMI Reporting
    • Displays a maximum of 10 errors and 10 critical errors at once.
    • WMIMgmt (hourly) checks the consistency of WMI and reports accordingly.
  • Printer plugin
    • Old print jobs will only send an alert if a job is between 1 day to 8 days old.
    • More accurate reporting of old job times.
    • Reports all ascertainable attributes of a printer (previously only reported color or not).
  • A once-a-day extended run is attempted each night at 3am or after 24 hours.
  • On an initial install, the Volumes plugin will only monitor the volumes on which the Monitoring Client is installed and the volume on which Program Files is found, if different. All other drives must be added through the Control Panel.
  • Logging unexpected errors has increased information (global change)
  • Mozy Pro only warns that the last backup ran into a failure after a one day buffer. Alerts will still occur when last successful backup is older than set amount of days (7 by default).
  • Added standardized DateTime display format for all plugins.
  • OS plugin reports in computer’s local time.
  • Windows Update displays missing Critical and Minor updates under a single summary sentence to better fit in email alerts.
  • Added detailed descriptions on activation license failures (where possible).
  • The Control Panel warns when a Dashboard has been deleted, but the client is still installed.

Bug Fixes

  • SMART plugin will keep track of drives that have failed at least once before, and report on them as such.
  • Fixed issue where some users would not see the Monitoring Client in add/remove programs.
  • Improved automatic start and stop for Beacon Reporting.
  • Fixed CrashPlan failed files not reporting if there was no last successful run.
  • Control Panel
    • Monitored Drives changes are updated immediately when changed (previously done on exit).
    • Fixed issue that would cause some drives on a system to not display.
    • Fixed issue that would cause the Control Panel to crash after initial report.
  • Fixed summary for expiring password notice.
  • Fixed issue causing Screenconnect to sometimes crash on exit due to uninitialized empty summary.
  • Installer
    • Fixed not being able to install .Net4 Framework through installer.
    • Fixed issue where repair or update would rekey the machine.
    • Contact Menu added to startup programs.
    • Fixed ClientGroup not being saved if registry key was added before install.
  • Fixed Contact Menu items not opening on rare occasions.