Windows Beta 34 - Focus on stability and installer options


  • Updated digital signing removes the Watchman Monitoring brand from the install process.
  • Custom .RTF file now used for pre-install message (see Custom Branding)
  • Add post-install dialog (Support for custom RTF summary is planned)
  • More efficient reporting, with support for report retrying failed reports


  • Better builder log messaging
  • Fixed issues with builder file deletion prevented on locked .msi files
  • Correct log message for last report that output the incorrect date\
  • Logs now include a single last report log, the last 10mb of failed logs, and the last 10mb of successful logs
  • Reworked rate limiting
  • Full decoupling of updates from the report loop
  • More efficient log writing

Bug Fixes

  • Remove hyper-v false positive
  • Fixes an issue where the agent failed to report on certain .net versions

If you have any machines which are not reporting, the first thing to try would be running:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Monitoring Client\update.exe

More details about the auto-update process are posted here:


This beta release focuses on stability, especially in our new Hyper V plugin. We’re also bringing in more of our Mac version’s features, including customizable welcome pages for each subscriber. If you have already enabled Custom Branding, this is a free add on for you, as there is never a fee to take advantage of new Custom Branding offerings.

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