Windows agent coming soon

We are all multi-platform.

For as much as Watchman Monitoring is all about the Mac OS, the reality is that a 100% homogeneous network is a rarity.

In the coming weeks, Watchman Monitoring subscribers will have an opportunity to register for beta access, where our agent will detect and report problems on PCs running Windows XPsp3 or higher.

Pricing will remain the same, allowing subscribers the abilty to add support for their entire client base at a fixed monthly price.

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This is great news. Will the agent have any features for Windows Servers as well? I have quite a few Window’s physical servers and the rest running in VMware ESXi. I would like to be able to see things like CPU utilization (on physical servers), memory allocated and/or free, disk space free, bytes sent/received on the NIC, disk load average, queue length, etc. Maybe even monitor some external drive arrives in JBOD boxes?

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Thanks @thealchemist

Server OS levels are part of the initial spec, with application-specific feature to be added on as progress continues.

Thanks for detailing what’s important to you in a Windows agent… it helps validate the parts we’ve already put on the timeline, and inform future development.

As a general note: don’t think for a moment we aren’t planning on adding these components to the Mac OS client as well :wink: we know where our roots are!

We would absolutely love to be a part of the beta! While we’re fully committed to and focused on the Mac side of things, you’re correct - very few of our clients are Mac only. This is fantastic news and we’ll sign up for the beta as soon as it’s made available!

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Me too! I think the gold standard of remote monitoring/management for PCs is AVG Managed Workplace (formerly Level Platforms) I’d suggest using some of their feature set as development wish list/guide.

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Hi all,

We’re just about ready for this to go live, and are ready to gather requests for beta access.

The form is live here:

We’ll be opening the program to 5-10 computers a week, and will be in touch with you for further instructions and your windows installer.