Windows 📢 System Crash Plugin and Feedback for Enable/Disable plugins + 6 Fixes and 4 Updates

Blog Release Notes


  • System Crash. This replaces the Blue Screen reporting in the OS plugin.


  • Added checking for Firewall group policy settings in addition to the local settings.


  • Added additional diagnosis in the SophosEndpoint plugin.
  • Added better feedback for users when using Enabled/Disable plugins.
  • Updated how we Enable/Disable plugins through the command line in order for the settings to maintain through updates. This may cause an issue if you previously enabled/disabled plugins before this update but will prevent these settings from being reset in the future.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the WMI plugin was sending alerts incorrectly (Updated 8/24/2020)
  • An issue with Contact Menu link encoding. Links contain control characters (?,&, etc) are now handled more reliably.
  • Fixed Flash plugin displaying incorrectly when Internet Explorer flash was not installed.
  • Timezone reporting that could make reports show the wrong date on the computer record.
  • Serial Numbers potentially reporting changes when no change had occurred.
  • An issue where reporting time elapsed (for backup runs, etc.) could be too large to report.
  • An issue where RebootEvent plugin could sometimes re-alert a reboot

Helpful Links

  • We updated the known issues.
  • Did you know our Zendesk integration now has bi-directional support ? Use ticket status tags to prioritize views, automatically solve tickets that fix themselves, or ignore plugins completely.

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  • Release date: 8/11/2020
  • To apply this agent update to your account now and not wait for our auto rebuild process, visit your installers page, and click the publish button.