What stories can you tell? Personal Reporting

Hi all,

We’re wrapping up some great features this week, and will have them to you just as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime, we are getting ready to spruce up your reports with a new feature, Stories.

The biggest roadblock to handing your end-users reports is that the numbers are largely out of your control. It’s not how many issues you did, or didn’t, have in a given month, your value is in how you reacted to a given issue, and brought resolution to the issues.

The general gist of the feature is to allow you to tag on a brief, 1-2 sentence description of how you solved a problem. We’ll be tracking when Stories could have occurred (as reports get resolved) and allowing you to add stories of your own.

This feature will expand the basic reporting we have at:

link_url/reports/group-status *

If you have a story now, we’d be thrilled to hear it at:


Thank you as always for your feedback.

*(Adjust that URL to match your subdomain)