Watchman Monitoring's Moderated Community Forum

Hello all,

As you know, I’m a huge fan of collaboration, and this forum is an extension of my desire to have an active list-serv to help each other grow. Recreating a useful, functional ACN forum is a key focus in my term on the ACN Advisory Board this year.

As membership in this forum has grown, it’s become clear that the needs of this community are similar, but still quite different than traditional list-serves. The signal to noise ratio here needs to be high, or subscribers will tune out and miss valuable conversations and discoveries.

To this end, we have made the tough decision to enable post-moderation here in the Watchman Monitoring community forum.

We still welcome every post, but reserve the right to deflect requests to our Support Center, rather than the membership as a whole. We will answer your questions, but post only the results. (Not too dissimilar from the old mac-mgrs list of yore.) We will do the same for feature requests. Rather than have every request for the same feature go to every member, we will gather them and reply directly. Rest assured that every post will be read and replied to, and anything which can benefit the Community will be posted.

We are also going to get your feedback via our new Research page:

Comments will be read, and replied to as needed.

Oh, and one more thing: We’ve also changed the delivery of emails. Moving from each post as a separate email, to Watched topics Benefits include more history in each email, and the ability to un-watch any topic which you no longer want to receive in your inbox.

Thank you for your participation as we work towards a stronger, more valuable resource here for you.