Server Update - Moving on up to Rails 4 and Ruby 2 on RightScale

Kaizen is a phrase we learned from a colleague who’s far down the path to Proactive Support. Here in America it is considered to mean Constant Improvement.

Like our subscribers, we strive for constant improvement. Today we improve our server by upgrading to Rails 4 and Ruby 2, and with it we’re able to increase speed, provide a more robust API, and take advantage of the latest tips and tricks the RoR community has to offer.

We’d like to thanks the Professional Services team at RightScale for their help in bringing Ruby 2 to their server templates. Their platform allows our pool of servers to keep our subscribers in the know, and able to solve problems before it’s too late.

Our plan is to live-update the server farm starting at 5PM Central Standard time. We’ll have our “server is down page” standing by, just in case.

If you have a friend who’s wanting to get started as an MSP, referring them to Watchman Monitoring is always appreciated.

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