[Resolved] Undesired warnings, Daylite without a previous sync

Hi all

A change in the Mac Client’s 6.4.2’s exclude list has resulted in warnings that Daylite Client has not synced, despite no previous sync.

Previously we would ignore users who had no sync, and this behavior will be restored shortly.

There is no action required from you at this time.

The following article explains how to manage this case when a user previously, but no longer, uses Daylite:

The following article describes how many settings can be adjusted via Defaults, and includes an example specifically for disabling the reporting of a user’s Daylite status:

This will be fixed in 6.4.2 build 422, which is forthcoming.

An updated release is being deployed now.

As we worked, we found some more Malware samples which had been submitted via our collections form, and added them. If you also run into Malware which we aren’t catching, please submit details at our un-branded collection site: