[RESOLVED] Too Big jobs causing processing delays on Aug 28

Coming on the heels of our Mac Client 6.2, we have discovered a situation where the number of Jump Clients on some computers measures in the hundreds, rather than the expected 1-3 pins any system might have.

A new build of the Mac Client (6.2.1) will warn of this issue, rather than submit the incoming report in a way that effects our ecosystem.

WARNING: An unexpected number of jump clients ( 276 ) found. Please investigate the monitored computer, and contact support if situation persists.

Reporting should be caught up by Noon Central.

NB: A question was asked about the status of jobs in cases of backlog. Every effort is made to processes each and every job. We do not expect any reports to be lost, rather, we instruct the clients to try again later.

All - we are caught up, and jobs are processing normally now.