[Resolved] - Service Outage Jan 4

Hi all

We are working through a service outage preventing new reports from being processed.

Symptoms will include:

  • Newly installed computers not being visible in the dashboard for some time.
  • Reports of problems being delayed.
  • Group-specific installers not building

We expect to be fully operational in a few hours. No action is required on your part.

Thank you

Hi all

The issue is resolved now, and computers will begin checking in as normal.

During outages (or any time a computer cannot report… for instance when it is offline) the computers hold their most recent report until they are able to deliver it to the server successfully.

When this happens, you may see Delayed Report in a warning report, letting you know the time an issue was initially discovered. The next hour, the computers will follow up with a self-diagnoses of any events or logs which happened while it was unable to report.

Thank you all for your patience!