[Resolved] Problems with CrashPlan Client for the Mac - July 2016

Hi all,

There are two current known issues with CrashPlan Reporting on the Mac

Unnecessary Warnings of Restarts

An update released the week of July 10, 2016 did not follow the patterns of previous updates, resulting in notices that CrashPlan has restarted.

CrashPlan App

Allowed Memory: 1024m
ALERT: 2 new restart logs (6 total). Repeated restarts may be memory related.

This warning is normally triggered in rare circumstances when the background background process cannot run normally, resulting in stale backups.

A patch for this is underway, but will not be ready in time to prevent additional warnings.

Sporadic false-positives regarding a failure to back up for many days.

We are aware of an issue which causes our reporting to fall back and report a stale backup. This will typically result in a ticket, but the status of the backup is reported as normal on our next hourly run.

This is caused by a failure to read a key file, and will be resolved with better tracking of last known-good backup state.

A fix for both issues is expected in the near future.

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Hi all,

As we released Mac Client 6.5.4 there were a number of one-time warnings about previously used CrashPlan destinations being removed.

These notices were largely old news, but in some cases pointed out that computers weren’t backing up to external drives, or even CrashPlan Central.

At this point, we should be good here on out, and any reports of CrashPlan related reporting issues on 6.5.4 or newer would be treated as a new issue.