[RESOLVED] One-time errors are treated the same as ongoing issues

It has come to our attention that, especially when dealing with ticketing systems, a plugin that sends a one-time warning can have unintended consequences.

In many cases, the next hourly report will mark the issue as resolved, in which case no action is needed.
If a Zendesk ticket has been created due to a one-time issue, we recommend closing the related ticket, so that the next instance will be reported as expected.

###Related plugins:

  • System Reboot notifications (if enabled)
  • False Mount Reporting
  • CrashPlan Client Plugin reporting that it’s been disabled.
  • Time Machine’s reporting that System & Applications are not being backed up.
  • (Others to be added)


A future version of the server & client will provide better support for one-time issues.

The solution was implemented involved creating a new level of warning - an Alert.

Alerts have a different subject line, and unlike our normal Warnings, would be reported each time an event happened.