[Resolved] March 10, 2016 - Carbon Copy Cloner isn't finding some backups

Hi all

We are a aware that our Mac Client version 6.4.6 has an issue in its Carbon Copy Cloner plugin, and is failing to find some completed backups. The results are some false-positives.

If you are just now seeing reports of backups which have not completed in 7-8 days, it is likely to be this issue.

If you are effected, getting CCC setup information would be useful. We don’t need everyone’s, but if it’s convenient, the following script would gather what we’re looking for (without sending the Recovery HD image :wink: )

cd / && zip -r ~/Desktop/ccc-local-archive.zip /Library/Application\ Support/com.bombich.ccc/ -x */Recovery\ HD.dmg && open ~/Desktop

If Carbon Copy Cloner is installed as the user, this command will be needed:

cd / && zip -r ~/Desktop/ccc-user-archive.zip ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.bombich.ccc/ -x */Recovery\ HD.dmg && open ~/Desktop

Additionally, a .zip of /Library/MonitoringClient, please.

The resulting zip can be submitted at our Notes form:


We’ll update this ticket with more information as it is available.

PS The initial cd / && is only really needed if you’re sending the command via ARD, we’re including it in that script just in case.

Hello again,

Thank you all for the samples, we got enough to put out a potential fix.

As of March 15, 2016, the issue should be resolved in : 6.4.6 build 7E460

This is visible in your Installers Page at


If you still suspect a false positive, please follow these actions:

  • Ensure the agent is up to date. You can do so in the PreferencePane

  • Run each Carbon Copy Cloner task which our agent says is missing a valid completion date

  • Force the agent to report by clicking Report Now in the Operations tab of the PreferencePane

If our report still fails to detect the completion, please use the Plugin Support feature of our dashboard to submit this as a false positive (click the ? to begin).

Thank you all for the reports!