[Resolved] Macs on version 6.3 may fail to report - Resolved in 6.3.1

We are aware of an issue which prevents some computer from reporting once they are on version 6.3.

The problem has been identified and a fix is in underway.

There is no action needed on your part at this time. The auto-update process should start applying the fix to effected computers within the next 6 hours.

We’ll update this thread again once we have confirmation of the fix.

All our best to you!

Hi again

Mac Client 6.3.1 has been released. As the auto-update process does its work, Macs which stopped reporting this week should resume normal operation.

Computers check for updates approximately every three hours, so long as they are online. If after 1-2 days, if there are computers which are not have not updated, the following steps can help get them current:

  • Install the generic Mac agent over the top of the existing client. No removal is required, and all settings will remain as they were.
  • Use Group-specific installers ensure the latest version during every install. Their small size straight forward install process makes these ideal to send to end users. Note that these will override any existing group.
  • Sending a force-update command via Apple Remote Desktop, etc:
    sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/UpdateClient -F

As always, if you have agent installed in environments where auto-update is disabled, applying the 6.3.1 installer over the existing agent is the recommended course of action.

If you require any assistance, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support.

We are seeing a marked recovery in Mac Agents reporting.

However, in the case where a client hasn’t updated, the updated command posted initially isn’t universally correct.

The following command is better suited to update even older agents:

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/UpdateClient -F

Note that this command may wait up to 5 minutes while it waits to see if 6.3.0 will complete.

Clients older than 5.1 may require an installation of the latest client.

Please only use the latest agent (6.3.1 as of Sept 3, 2015)

Please feel free to reach out to support with questions.

An update on this issue.

The root cause of the issue was a change added to prevent the agent from reporting _mbpsetupuser on OS X 10.11.

The initial release of version 6.3.1 build 7D302, corrected how usernames are enumerated, however, the fix failed to gather users properly on a subset of computers. This has been accounted for in build 7D305, which has been deployed this evening.

We will continue to monitor the status of computers. As always, requests for support are welcome.: