[RESOLVED] June 3, 2015 - RBL issues causing email delivery for some users

We are aware that a small number of emails are being blocked due to RBL issues. Our mail provider, https://www.postmarkapp.com assures us they are working diligently to resolve the issue.

To date, we are aware of only 10 bounced emails, but would not know if emails are being routed to your spam filters. Users taking advantage of our Zendesk integration may miss notifications of new computer check-ins.

You may be able to ease issues for your particular company by whitelisting the following addresses:


watchman@watchmanmonitoring.com and support@watchmanmonitoring.com (or our entire watchmanmonitoring.com domain).

May wish to review all recently reported issues at:


Will post to our status feed at:


Thank you all.