[Resolved] Group-Specific installers might set the wrong Group name

Hi all,

It has come to our attention that a recent change to our Group Specific installers for Windows is causing an issue resulting in what appears to be a permissions issue in the Dashboard.

In the next few days, we will be shipping two related fixes, and there is an important detail about the windows Group Specific installers.

###tl;dr: Group Specific installers are setting a Group’s name in all lower case.
Expect to have to replace Group-Specific Windows .msi installers which you have downloaded.

###What’s a Group Specific Installer you ask?
Great question. The first part of this article explains:

Still interested to know more? Read on!

We have moved to a new format for our Windows agent installer. This has cut down the build time from over three minutes to under one. :tada:

These new installers are tagged, giving you an idea of how we feel about the windows agent. :slight_smile:

The new Group Specific installer is setting the Group with its slug (Widgets Inc would become widgets-inc causing a conflict in the Dashboard’s web-ui. This sets up the error preventing you from clicking on the new Group. We will be merging these duplicate groups as we correct the permissions problem on the server.

As we fix the second half of the issue (installers which set a Group’s slug instead of the proper name) we are going to take the opportunity to reset all Group-Specific installers for the Windows platform. The new installers will also sport a more Custom Branding features.

Once we update this post, we hope you’d re-download any Group specific installer before using it to deploy.

There are more improvements coming to our Windows Group Specific installers (mainly a smaller file size) so there’s no need to re-download installers just yet, unless you need them for a deployment.

Using the full msi which is on your /installers page will allow you to set the Group name during installation

So, what do you need to do now?

  • Nothing, we’ll be rolling out these fixes shortly and will update this post.
  • Perhaps you want to hold off that major deployment until we ship the next Windows agent in a day or so, but if you run into the permissions issue, we can fix it.
  • If you have a Group you which you cannot access, tell our support team know the Group name, and we’ll fix it right up.

Thanks so much for reading!

The permissions part of this problem was resolved yesterday, and all Group-Specific installers which might have caused the problem have been marked for re-build.

It will be some time as our system redeploys all Group-Specific installers, but at this point, any installer which you download from your Dashboard should be problem-free.

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback!