Re-Introducing the Watchman Monitoring Community Forum

#Happy Chatty Saturday all!

We are very happy to announce the following changes to our Community Forum:

1 Feature Request Voting!

We are happy to announce feature request voting. Each logged in user can post as many ideas as they like and will get 5 votes to cast. We’ll work to post what we know we have coming as well.

While Votes are limited, likes will are not… so :thumbsup: as much as you want!

Visit the Feature Request category, and after you’re sure it’s not a duplicate, post all you want. We’re listening.

We’ll probably reply, but if you really need to get an answer, reaching out to support is the thing to do.

2 Clearer Email Controls

We have revamped all email settings. Here are the default settings:

You will receive individual emails for each:

###You will receive periodic “Digest” emails for

View all the categories here -

Please note that this is not a support forum, please see this article to reach Watchman Monitoring Support

3 Per-Category, and Per-Topic Email Control

Please note the un-follow links, which are great for any topic you don’t need in your inbox. You’ll still be able to review online later, but as more traffic comes from this list, you can un-watch any Topic or any Category that doesn’t warrant a spot in your inbox.

You can manage your subscriptions directly here:

  • Watching a category will send you an email for every post.

  • Tracking a category will send you periodic digests of activity.

  • Enable mailing list mode if you simply want to receive all emails, unless you un-follow a topic.

For those who simply don’t want emails from the community, direct emails will be starting soon. Mange your opt-in status at

4 Chatty Saturdays

We intend to keep this community forums signal-to-noise ratio very high: we want the emails here to be relevant to everyone.

For the time-being replies to posts will still be moderated, but we intend to clear the queue every Saturday.

Posts which are better handled in support tickets will be handled as-such, and “me-too” posts will be turned into comments on their related topics.

5 Thank you, truly

Questions? Reach out to support. As always, we wish you nothing but success and increased care for your end-users.

The Team at Watchman Monitoring

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