Product links help reveal potential upgrades - OWC made it possible

Hi again

Today we are happy to announce the existence of OWC Product links in the UI. In addition to the links themselves, which you can use with your end users, this feature bring needed demographics about each Mac computer in your dashboard.

  • How much RAM can be installed in this computer?
  • What speed chips?
  • What’s the current street price of the memory?
  • What sizes of hard drive fit in this computer?
  • Is this going to do better with a 3G or 6GB SSD?

This is all information which is made available in large part to the data we get from Other World Computing.

To make the links more useful, we’ve included the ability for you to include an affiliate code in the links automatically. Visit this article to learn more about which Countries are, and which US States are not, allowed to participate in the program. For those of you who are strictly not interested, there is an off button as well.

Visit the OWC Integrations page to see the options:

Even with the links disabled, we can still indicate if a computer could have more memory added, increasing your profit potentials, and the speed at which your end-users’s computers can work for them.