Monitoring Client 6.1.1 - PreferencePane, Immediate Offline Mount Reporting, More Malware


  • Notification of offline volumes within moments (Especially targeted to Xsan volumes on Monitored Computers)
  • Updated for Genieo v2 (Malware Tests)
  • Added more Spigot components (Malware Tests)
  • Added JollyWallet (Malware Tests)
  • Added PremierOption (Malware Tests)
  • Warns when the Ask toolbar is installed
  • New PreferencePane (notes below)
  • Added percent of battery capacity warnings.


  • Improvements in Daylite Server backup monitoring
  • Minor improvements in JAMF Binary status reporting
  • Always indicate when Apple RAID Cards are rebuilding


  • Improperly notified that Time Machine was unable to back up, when it was disabled
  • Improvements to CrashPlan backup monitoring.
  • Improvements to BackupMinder reporting.


  • PreferencePane lists Xsan volumes
    -Volumes can be monitored for alerting in as little as 1 minute if they go offline.
  • PreferencePane allows for the removal of old Volume entries (there’s a minus button now!)
  • Updated to look good in OS X 10.10
  • Check for Updates button allows multiple checks in a row - great for testing your Contact Menu
  • Fixed aliasing issue when clicking the PreferencePane icon
  • Updates volume monitoring interface, allows for notification of volumes


This release went out last Thursday, and was posted to social media, but not to this list. We’re using the addition of more malware to re-post this today. Spigot, JollyWallet and PremierOption all await their removal at your competent hands!

As always, we stand by to add new & changed malware. If you run across a Malware installer, please submit it via:

####PreferencePane (Easter Egg alert)
We’re incredibly happy to have shipped our new PreferencePane. Not only does it look good again, but we’ve added back a much asked for remove button, allowing you to clear unneeded volume listings.

But the real news is the ability to set an interval a drive is allowed to be offline before you get a notice.

We posted last year that a background process was added:

It’s this magic which will trigger the monitoring client to run outside of its normal hourly routine, letting you know as soon as a volume goes offline.

Also of note, clicking the icon in the PreferencePane no longer has an odd shaped mask. Instead your logo will look good - even as you control-click or option-click the image to be taken to a computer’s record in your dashboard (login required).
This Easter Egg is also present in the Contact Menu. If you sit down/remote control an end-user’s computer, you can quickly go to your dashboard by option-clicking the Contact Menu and clicking your company name.

###Speaking of the Contact Menu

There is a need for the Menu’s to operate, which required us to- hard code your Company Name as the first menu item. Without something there, the menu just wouldn’t function.

We watched as a few of you changed your company name to make the menu more appealing to your end-users, and we got to work on a solution. As of now, when an administrator in your account goes to edit the Contact Menu, the first item is also editable. We’ll post more on this, and other features in the server, shortly.

We thank you all for being a part of Watchman Monitoring, and wish you both financial and personal success as you practice Proactive Support.