Managing emails in ticketing systems

Hi all

We are frequently asked to integrate with ticketing systems other than Zendesk.

While we work to bring our API up to speed to make this happen, we are certainly looking for ways to make this easier.

Today we’re showcasing two recent articles which can help ease the process of directing our tickets to your current ticketing system.

Daily Summary Emails Prevent Most Repeat Tickets

In short, our plain-text format emails have just one issue per email, and are formatted for consumption by ticketing systems which might otherwise mung HTML formatting.

Pointing those at your ticketing system, and sending our Daily Summary email to your service manager, allow for minimal ticket creation, and a daily report of open issues.

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Configuring email alerts for ticketing systems

Meta Data in Headers and Subject Lines Assist in Routing eMails

While we were at it, we saw that having key data in an email’s headers can allow you to direct emails within your organization more efficiently.

Starting now, all emails we send about a given computer should have the following information as X-WM- headers:

  • The Group-Slug
  • The Watchman ID
  • The computer’s platform (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • The Plugin which triggered the email
  • The kind of change which triggered the email.

Please read more in this Support Article
Sorting and routing emails sent by Watchman Monitoring

More to Come

We’d love to hear how you put these to action within your company, and of course, reach out to our Support staff if you have a question or other feedback. We’re looking at additional ways to tag emails for sorting within your own company email or ticketing system.

We trust you will enjoy these, and we’ve got a lot more to come for you.

Happy New Year!