Managed Accounts - Offered by you, our Providers

Hi all,

Through your Getting Started or Professional subscriptions, we expect you’ll be able to make a new Group for each one of your customers, and install your subscription’s agent. On this road a single subscription is designed to allow you to be the first to know when issues arise on any computer you touch.

We are offering an additional type of plan, available only through Value Added Resellers, such as yourself. Managed Accounts will be offered to you at $75 US per month, have their own 30-day trial, own billing cycle, and are independent of your existing account. Managed Accounts are optional, and do not restrict your ability to create Groups as you need.

##Managed Accounts have the following features and restrictions:

  • We expect Managed Accounts to be sold by VARs for $100 - $225 US.
  • Managed Accounts who’s computer count goes over 250 will become Resold* accounts.
  • Groups, Computers, Users and Billing are independent of the managing account.
  • Co-Workers in your own subscription can access only the Managed Accounts to which they are added.
  • Adding users to a Managed Account grants no access to your own subscription…
  • Unlike your own account, where a customer might be granted end-user access, customers in a Managed Account might have Employee or even Admin access.
  • Users of a Managed Account will not have access to billing unless specifically allowed.

*Resellers who continue to provide tier 1 support will earn 30% Margin

Billing Managed Accounts

  • Managed Accounts each have their own 30 Day Trial, and their own billing date.
  • As with any account, the Billing Date may be changed once without a fee.
  • Managed Accounts are sold to the VAR for $75/month US
  • Managed Accounts have no MSRP
  • Watchman Monitoring requires no reporting of your sale price.
  • Managed Accounts can have many Groups, but can contain computers for only one Organization and its staff’s personal computers.
  • Managed Accounts are subject to verification, and if multiple Organizations are being services under one account, it will be promoted to a Professional Subscription.


  • Can I still add groups and computers like I have been?

  • Yes! There is no requirement to leverage this Managed Account feature.

  • Managed accounts are a great fit for customers that have their own IT department, but if you’d prefer to enroll them in you managed services plan, go right ahead.

  • How much do I bill for managed accounts?

  • It’s up to you how much you charge. Typically, you would charge between $75 and $249 a month. The goal would be for you to earn some margin while your customer pays less than their own Professional account.

  • How many computers can each account have?

  • Each managed account can have up to 250 computers.

  • These computers do not count towards your own subscription.

  • Where are email and notifications sent?

  • Each Managed Account has its own independent set of email destinations. Notifying your own company, an email address at the Managed Account, or a distribution group with any combination are all valid options.

  • Who has access to this account?

  • The owner of the original subscription will retain full access to the Managed Account.

  • Other users staff will have access only if you add them to the account.

  • Will Managed Account computers see the same contact menu as my end-users?

  • Each managed account has its own contact menu.

  • Will my Managed Accounts have access to my account?

  • No. Managed accounts only have access to their own accounts.

  • Will my Managed Accounts see my custom branding?

  • There is the option for them to receive the default branding or your custom branding.

  • The managed account can also pay the $400 fee and receive their own custom branding.

  • Will Watchman Monitoring offer this plan to customers directly?

  • No this plan is only available through current subscribers (VARs).

  • What happens when a Managed Account needs support?

  • You will provide the first line of support (malware removal, interpreting Watchman Monitoring notifications and how best to act upon them).

  • Watchman Monitoring’s support is available for any technical issues or support concerns.

  • What happens after the 30 day trial?

  • A credit card number is required to activate the account after the trial ends, even if it is the same card your account currently uses.

How to setup a new managed account:

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This is really great, because I am actually trying to sell some companies on something like this already. I’m very excited.

I work with a number of subcontractors that have their own client set and I could potentially sell them managed accounts for all their clients. If I gave the subcontractor access to each of those managed accounts would he/she be able to see all their managed accounts under one login or would they need to login to separate accounts.

There is the potential for me to sell 6 or 7 managed accounts to each of the contractors but I think it would become awkward for them to have to sign into each account separately

@jamie Great to hear! Each Managed Account will have its own 30 day trial, get started at any time. Our system will ping you for payment at the end of each trial.

@Alexis_Skeates A Managed Account can created many Groups for only one end user organization. A contractor could not use one Managed Account to service more than one of their end users.

That said, if you were to have three Managed Accounts (one for each of three larger customers of yours), your subcontractors would be able to seamlessly navigate between the ones you grant them access to see.

There is never a need to log out/log in to switch accounts. Accounts present themselves in a menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, and clicking on a link to an account you can access will automatically switch your context.