Mac Client - 7.0.0 - Support for macOS 12.3, and Universal2, too

Originally published at: Mac Client – 7.0.0 – Support for macOS 12.3, and Universal2, too — Watchman Monitoring®

Watchman Monitoring is proud to announce the latest version of its agent for macOS, 7.0. This version delivers support for the upcoming macOS 12.3 and supports OS X 10.11 and newer. This new version is also the first to natively-support Apple Silicon.


  • Full support for OS X 10.11 through macOS 12.3.
  • The Monitoring Client runs natively on Apple silicon.
  • Package Installer no longer requests Rosetta2 before installation.


  • Manages its own dedicated, Python3 framework.

Bug Fixes

  • Problems reporting Root Capacity have been addressed.
  • Problems running the FileMaker Server plugin have been addressed.
  • Problems with missing SMART errors have been addressed.
  • Corrects “battery was removed” reporting on desktop computers.

With MacOS 12.3, Apple has removed the built-in version of Python. To continue to support you, Watchman Monitoring has released Mac Monitoring Client version 7, which includes its own python framework.

Please bear in mind that there are likely to be a number of point releases in the near future.

If you currently use custom plugins you will need to make changes to continue working with version 7 and beyond. See this article for more details.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact technical support.


Please note: Installers created before March 8, 2022, contain python scripts, and will need to be replaced. Read more about old installer versions.


Known issues as of March 10, 2022 - build

  • Time Machine dates may fail to calculate (likely to be resolved, pending confirmation.
  • FileMaker Server plugin may fail to report.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner 3,4,5 status may not report. (Support for CCC 6 is still pending)
  • Custom Plugins deployed by Watchman Monitoring are updated, but require testing.
  • Custom Plugins not managed by Watchman Monitoring, which rely on Python, need updating. (Details in this issue)

Today a patch was released which lets the Contact Menu run on Apple silicon without Rosetta2.

This change was rolled back while we re-evaluate “launch application by name”

Another patch., was released March 10, 2022


  • Prevents “laptop battery” reporting on many VMs
  • Cleans up the display when some volumes are reported as missing

Bug fixes

  • Fixes problems with reporting missing volumes

Build was published for all subscribers on Monday March 14, 2022.

It addressed a number of issues in the CrashPlan Client and CarbonCopyCloner v5 reporting.

The FileMaker Server plugin remains as an outstanding known issue, and will be addressed in a coming patch.

Build was published March 29th, 2022.

  • It resolves issues with Filemaker Server status reporting.
  • FileVault status on older macOS is corrected.
  • Issues with P5/Archiware reporting were addressed