Mac Client 6.6.3 - More Malware definitions, internal streamlining

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  • To better support our white label offering, and to help with future vanity fqdn, potential region-specific data hosting, & eventual on-premises options. Our reporting address no longer user the domain.
  • Updated the warning text for some Solarwinds (Gruntwork) plugins.
Subscribers using outbound connection tracking software such as Little Snitch, LuLu, etc will notice that our Mac agent will request data from the monitoringclient domain.

In addition, our Mac & Linux agents will be taking on a 4 digit version number convention. Instead of 6.6.3 build 7G644, the Mac agent will migrate to Our Linux will settle on a 4 digit number as well.

Benefits to the serial number changes will include:

  • a more unified display of versions in our UI
  • opportunities to streamline our internal build process
  • enables users of our Autopkg feeds to more readily see updated builds.
The new build system will also make it easier to deploy small fixes to track new malware, and deploy changes to their account’s Custom Branding.


I read through the release and through this email, and I’m not clear of the takeaway for someone such as myself who just uses the basic watchman services. Do we need to go and change our configurations on our client computers, since you’re no longer using the domain?

Thank you.


Chris Leeds

Hi Chris!

No changes on the client computer necessary on your part. The update takes care of everything.

We mentioned this change because, if you or your clients are running anything like Little Snitch or LuLu which will report what domain a computer is sending info to there won’t be any surprises.