Mac Client 6.6.2 - FileVault, False Mount and Malware detection

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  • New Solarwinds Mac-MSP (Gruntwork) plugin.
    • Reduces “There is an error in the software. Please reinstall." messages.
    • Reduces "The server appears to be having an issue. Possibly every one of your clients is reporting this problem. Please contact support." messages.
    • Reduces the need to ‘roll logs’.
  • Additional malware definitions.
  • Added SMART reporting support for newer NVMe based disks.
  • No longer reporting False Mount alerts for Preboot folders (they are still false mounts, but are not worth taking action)


  • FileVault status with APFS on macOS 10.13 .
  • Resolved an issue causing false SMART status reports.
  • Using defaults write to disable certain plugins is no longer ignored.
  • Reboot alerts will no longer re-enable themselves.

Known Issues

  • Daylite Server backup warning incorrectly when there is a current backup.
  • macOS is creating many false mounts for network volumes. These are still false mounts, but the prevalence of alerts will be reduced further in a coming release of our agent.
  • False Time Machine warnings due to incorrect reports generated from the Time Machine log.
    • Causes random “your Mac hasn’t been backed up in XX days”. Generally a really large number of days. On next backup all is good and Watchman Monitoring reports correctly.
  • Using iCloud Drive and/or iCloud Documents and Desktop causes the Finder to report different data usage then Watchman Monitoring.
  • Beta support for Carbon Copy Cloner 5 available. Please contact support for beta access.
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And a special thank you to Brian Best w SolarWinds for the update to their plugin. :tada:

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So, when is this actually happening? “Check for Updates” doesn’t detect v.6.6.2 yet, so I just wondered. Exciting features on the new version!

Thanks a lot!!!

You should see it available to your account within the next day or so.

Thanks for your patience!