Mac Client 6.6.0 - Pegasus, Archiware P5, ScreenConnect and more

(Watchman Monitoring News) #1

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  • Archiware P5 support (requires 5.4.3 or greater)
  • Promise Pegasus RAID support (requires Promise's software and a thunderbolt connection)
  • Improved SoftRAID support (requires 5.5.6 or greater, legacy support for version 4 is included)
  • Many additional malware definitions
  • Updated Kerio Connect reporting
  • Automatic resetting of the Watchman ID when transferred to a new computer
  • Improved logging for the client's run and update processes
Bug Fixes
  • Improved support for CrashPlan when installed per-user, with additional support forthcoming
  • Addresses an issue where the auto-update process may consume excessive CPU usage
  • Addresses some bugs in False Mount reporting
  • Corrected reporting for UPS battery connections in macOS 10.12+
  • Improved reporting in FileMaker Server (including the latest version 16)