Mac Client 6.5.8 - Improved Proxy Support and More Malware

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  • Improved support for reporting behind some proxy devices.
  • Improved handling of reporting if a computer is put to sleep during the agent's hourly run.
  • Added support for systems which are missing /tmp
  • Updated Malware definitions
  • Clarified wording regarding Time Machine's current actions
  • Better reporting when a boot drive is not supported by smartctl
  • Fixed a bug in reporting Apple RAID Card issues.
  • Updated reporting for FileMaker Servers (less repeated notices)
  • Fixed some minor reporting issues with Time Machine.
  • Fixed issues with Carbon Copy Cloner failing to read completed jobs near year-end.
  • Fixed a CrashPlan bug reporting removed tasks
  • Fixed a POST reporting issue when System Profiler failed to return expected data.

This release is largely internal reporting changes and bug-fixes. Authenticated proxy support has seen some improvements in this build, but full support has not been confirmed. Anyone with continued needs for proxy support is encouraged to reach out to Watchman Monitoring Support.

Autopkg users will see this show up in their feeds as the update is rolled out to each subscriber. Anyone keeping an installer on a thumb-drive or posted on their own website is encouraged to re-download the latest installer. Our auto-update process should take care of the rest!