Mac Client 6.5.7 - Improved SMART and Malware reporting

(Watchman Monitoring) #1


  • Includes hard drive model number in reports
  • More Malware
  • Support for upcoming improvements in the Contact Menu and Beacon Reporting
  • Support for upcoming TeamViewer version 12
  • Addressed an issue which prevented certain SMART failures from creating alerts.
  • Better support for 10.12 in the PreferencePane.
  • Corrected minor rounding errors in Volume size reporting
This release is largely for maintenance, but represents some significant underlying changes which will support a number of requested features. Better uptime reporting? More features in our Contact Menu? We hear you, and this version lays the final groundwork to bring these features to fruition.

Autopkg users will see this show up in their feeds later today, and anyone keeping an installer on a thumb-drive or on their site is encouraged to re-download the latest installer. Our auto-update process should take care of the rest!

New Features Coming

As we prepare additional features in the Contact Menu, check out some of the Contact Menu Tips & Tricks we have compiled. Also, learn more about Contact Menu Templates to help you apply common URIs, URLs and Application shortcuts to your menu.