Mac Client 6.5.6 - Sierra Log Scanning, Malware, Zentral Support

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  • Support for Disk IO Error logging in macOS 10.12
  • Additional Malware definitions
  • Zentral integration


  • Hides volumes named "Monitoring Client" from our reporting, to cut down on false positives.
  • Moves agent removal log path to /tmp for a fully clean removal, if requested.

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling when CrashPlan Destinations are removed
  • Prevents warnings for volumes named "Monitoring Client"
In this update, we are excited to bring Zentral integration, continue to expand Malware definitions and improve support for macOS 10.12. Apple has begun pushing Sierra. You will receive an email notification, if you have the demographic alert feature enabled (it’s on by default now, but some long-time subscribers may have it off).

Documentation Readers, Check this out:

Have you wanted to let customers sign up for monitoring and download their installer right from your web site? Check out the recently released self-enrollment option allowing you to place a registration form and paywall in front of monitoring sign-up.

Good News Everyone

Our Zendesk users have asked, begged and pleaded for a way to change the requester for a Watchman Monitoring generated tickets. To quote Futurama’s Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, “Good News Everyone!” We have a way to change the ticket requester with a trigger which when combined with the Watchman Monitoring trigger will allow you to change the ticket requester automatically when a ticket is created.


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