Mac Client 6.5.3 - Malware, internal enhancements, and ScreenConnect is almost here

(Watchman Monitoring) #1


  • Support for recent [Malware variants](
  • Improved readability when reporting volume sizes
  • Gathers details for ScreenConnect unattended hosts, including multiple Host setups per-computer.
  • Better logging in cases where sleep prevents a normal report.
Bug Fixes
  • Reduced false positives for Apple's Disk Utility RAID reporting, when no RAID set was present.

This is another release which contains as much for the Watchman Monitoring team as for our end users. We’ve improved logging and stability in cases where a computer might sleep during a report.

Of course, we’ve also found some goodness for our subscribers as well. When a computer is set up with unattended Host access to more than one ScreenConnect server, 6.5.3 gathers the information we need to properly support ScreenConnect. In a coming enhancement of our Dashboard, subscribers will be able to enter the ScreenConnect servers they use and enjoy one-click access to their computers.

And, what release wouldn’t be complete catching the latest malware releases?

Our list is maintained in this article: