Mac Client 6.5.2 - Beta Support, bug fixes and more Malware



  • New method of caching data from key backups systems, to prevent false positives.
  • Improved diagnostic logging if the agent gets stuck on problematic systems.
  • Better time rounding to support the upcoming Beacon Reporting
  • Faster attribute collection (faster run times)
  • Improved Backblaze reporting
  • Support for the latest Warranty Updater tool for AppleCare Lookups
  • LogicNow's Watchman Monitoring Plugins no longer display the "Gruntwork" brand.

Bug Fixes

  • Better detection of disabled CCC jobs.
  • Some demographic information might be skipped if key plugins were disabled in the PreferencePane.
  • Better reporting of Time Machine's backup options.
  • Addresses an issue where boot times would not be compared reliably.
Mac Client 6.5.2 is largely a maintenance release, filled with fixes from subscriber reports and additional changes.