Mac client 6.4.9 – teamviewer 11, malware, and smart update (1 of 2)

(Watchman Monitoring) #1

Hey all,

Another update for you… largely aimed at solving the question of when a drive is or isn’t bad. SMART Testing pays attention to the various failure states a drive can report, and balances bad sectors, drive errors, and ECC Errors. Warnings will be sent for any hourly report where the number of errors increases. Past ten (10) of any given error, the drive will be considered bad.

For instance, the SSD in Allen’s laptop had just one bad sector, but 7700 ECC errors when it failed. The ECC errors can help give more context.

In general, we get requests saying “hey, don’t warn me when there’s only 8 errors” and from those who say “I want to know if there is even one error on a drive.” With this release, we should have both ends of the spectrum covered. One warning will be sent if there only 8 errors, and then another when that changes to 9. After 10 however, the disk will be considered failed, and will show as a warning until replaced.


  • Updated SMART Utility with ECC measuring
  • SMART output slimmed down and clarified
  • More Malware definitions added
  • Additional support for TeamViewer 11
  • PreferencePane allows removal of monitored volumes, if not present.
  • Updates to support MacMSP by LogicNow
  • No longer opens tickets for server reboots scheduled by MacMSP's tools
Bug Fixes
  • The Contact Menu supports subjects in mailto URLs again
  • No longer requires Carbon Copy Cloner to at /Applications
Known Issues:
  • Disks which are members of Core Storage volumes will display their device name only, not the related volumes. This will be addressed in the following release.