Mac Client 6.4.5 Automatic CrashPlan Expirations, better Carbon Copy Cloner Reporting

(Watchman Monitoring) #1


  • Updated Malware listings
  • Updater improvements
  • Reworked Carbon Copy Cloner reporting. Validates all schedules, and added support for chained backups.
  • Automatically tracks CrashPlan Expirations for Home (Green) and Business (Blue)


  • To prevent notifications from being marked as spam, we have removed the http and punctuation from notifications with vendor-specific URLs. Copy and add the "." to visit the referenced site.
  • Better handling of updates during server maintenance periods
  • Simplified reporting of volumes backed up by Backblaze; added additional checks for corrupted Backblaze installations.
  • Daylite Client only reports on the most current version
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected cases where Daylite 6 sync status would not be accurately reported.
  • Corrected a case where warnings were triggered when we could not detect a computer's primary IP address.

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