Mac Client 6.4.3 New FileWave Functionality, Asset ID storage

This was released Feb 7. As of 6.4.4 is the latest and is being distributed now, please update any copies of your installer you keep offline.


Mac Client 6.4.3 brings additional support for integrating with FileWave’s Multi-Platform management suite. Watchman Monitoring complements FileWave by providing end users one-click access to the FileWave Self Service Kiosk, and alerts FileWave administrators if a computer can’t update its model within 7 days (by default).

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In support of FileWave client scripting, and any other system which reads local settings, any value entered in the Asset ID in the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard will be stored on disk.

Read more about the Asset ID at:


  • Support for additional Malware packages
  • Bug Fixes

This update also resolves an issue where the tamper check would get triggered during certain server maintenance operations.