Mac Client 6.3 - FileVault Status and warnings - Milestone version

While it’s not much to look on the outside, the 6.3 release represents the culmination of marked internal change in reporting. Version 6.3 breaks down the data it reports to our servers with granularity that allows us to fill subscriber feature requests.

Additionally, we are introducing FileVault status tracking, supporting Mac OS 10.7 and above.

  • Need to know if FileVault is enabled?
  • Want to get warned if a drive decrypts?
  • Is a computer taking too long to complete encryption?

Watchman Monitoring tells you all this, and all you need to do is install the agent.

This Mac OS agent 6.3 carries a few more updates which, while less glamorous, are considered critical updates. Version 6.3 also contains a fix for reported times being off by a timezone, and corrects an issue with reporting Bomgar pins.

We’re excited to bring this feature, and look forward to more updates to come!