Mac Client 6.3.2 - Better filevault detection, Better Lightspeed Onsite Expiration Tracking

The Mac Client has been updated to 6.3.2

This version is mainly a bug-fix release, but we found some nice add-ons for you as well.

We’ve improved Filevault detection. We were confusing some externally encrypted drives, but that’s resolved.
We’ll be telling you if a Filevault-encrypted volume starts decrypting, or if the encryption process takes over 48 hours. Searching for non-encrypted Mac is also possible via the Dashboard.

We spruced up the Backblaze plugin, we’ll have an informational flag in the dashboard if Backblaze is not at the most recent major version. We also created an Expiration state of “current” allowing you to see this, and we’ll add the expiration date back in place if your customer’s card has expired, etc.

For our Lightspeed OnSite resellers, we’ve smartened up our Expiration detection to differentiate between Reseller, Demo, and Full licenses. Apologies for the cases where we end up with duplicates we will work to delete them, but feel free to do so if they are in your way.

As always, we have Additional Malware added… get ready for more notices. Thank you all as well for submitting samples of things we’ve missed. We keep a white-label site just for that at

Speaking of additional warnings, this release also cleans up a few leftover issues from the initial 6.3 release. You can expect to have less computers in your Daily Missing report. Thanks to whose who reached out via and let us know when they had concerns.

Stay tuned for much more coming your way.


The Team at Watchman Monitoring.

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