Mac Client 6.1.3 – Mackeeper Cleanup, New beta


  • Warn on MacKeeper (no longer simply documenting it)
  • Automatically send Bluesky usernames if defined
  • Additional warnings when LightSpeed Pro suffers internal errors


  • Always reports time machine days between errors
  • Less aggressive reporting when CrashPlan crash reports are found
  • Reworked uptime reporting
  • Always sends an informational status when last completed Time Machine backup must be assumed.


  • Many small bug fixes which clarify output.

This is the “go get your MacKeeper refund” release. In previous releases, our Malware Plugin would report the presence of MacKeeper, but not send alert after alert in case the end-user has paid for the program. With the MacKeeper refund program in place, we are happy to alert our subscribers to its presence, and arm them with the news of this tool(?)’s demise.


We are also happy to announce open beta programs for our upcoming plugins:


Need to know if the computers in a particular group are properly protected? Want notification if an encrypted drive is decrypted, or if encryption has stalled for too long? Let our reporting do the work for you.

Request the Promise Beta Plugin


Our Enhanced SMART Utility reports that up to 5% of drives are failing. Let us know if you can find a drive which is absolutely fine, but still reporting an error.

Request the Promise Beta Plugin


Our Pegasus utility will report the status of the first Pegasus on any given Mac computer. We are happy to hear from anyone who can programmatically check the status of a second, or more, device on the same Mac computer.

Request the Promise Beta Plugin

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