Mac Client 6.0 - The Contact Menu is here


Support for our Contact Menu

  • Responds to server-side actions on each check in
  • Support for TeamViewer 10
  • Support for Group-Specific installers.
  • Detects new malware types, Buca, Vidx, Spigot*

*Spigot is going to be a doozy, and your end-users are quite likely to thank you for getting rid of all the popups in their life!

Bug Fixes

  • Better support for locating the Casper computer ID


  • Additional files added for existing malware tests.

Known Issues

  • Malware Detection does not locate browser extensions in Firefox.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner version 4 support is pending

###About the Contact Menu

Hi all! it’s here. We’ve released the Contact Menu for all subscribers.

Full instructions to be posted shortly.

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