Mac Client 6.0.3 - Ask Toolbar, Contact Menu fix, and more


  • Documents (but does not email a warning for) the Ask Toolbar
  • Contact Menu is signed for Parental Controls validation
  • Contact Menu Triggers all TeamViewer variants with one bundle ID
  • LightSpeed Expirations are more visible in the Dashboard

##Bug Fixes

  • Better handling when the JAMF Binary can’t report (offline or removed from the JSS)
  • PreferencePane icons look better when being clicked.


  • Plugin versions are assigned a GUID for better version tracking
  • Improved internal error handling/retries when files can’t be read

###Malware and Saved Search
We’re happy to be able to react to the Ask Toolbar so quickly. As discussed in this thread, there’s no way to gauge just yet how widespread this is, nor do we need to be driving all subscribers mad with waves of email on this non-urgent issue.

So then, how are you supposed to see them? This URL (should*) take you right there


Then, you can save the search:

##Contact Menu

The contact menu has been given some good attention as well. Changes to your Custom Branding icon will take effect immediately upon update.

Also, for anyone having issue with the TeamViewer launching, we’ve revamped this to respond to all flavors of TeamViewer (QuickStart, Desktop, and Host)

The Contact Menu is now signed, and should no longer give hassles when upgrading under Parental Controls.

So - Enjoy, and as always, we thank you for your feedback and support!

We look forward to seeing you at ACN Advanced Camp, and in our own backyard at

*This is a new feature of our forum - if the URL shows “Sample” or “link_url” just copy the part from the / forward and paste it into your own dashboard

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I ran the search and it returns several computers that look to have a few different types of malware that are showing as informational not warning status. What is the criteria to list Malware as informational vs. warning? I checked the documentation but couldn’t seem to find any information on that.

Hi @phcranston Great question as always.

We have a public list of what’s being checked, and it’s just been updated here

Any/all updates are welcome - the best way to report new information is directly to support:

Samples which may not make it through email can be uploaded directly on our Notes page:

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