Mac Client 5.2 - Disk IO improvements, Daylite 5 support

New Features / Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where monitored volumes may not be properly mounted at login
  • Fixed an issue where Time Capsule/Time Machine Server volume would be incorrectly flagged as a false mount

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Hi all,

This is actually a pretty significant release for us. It will be posted tomorrow (Monday).

One of the things we’ve spent quite a bit of time on is a new process we titled diskjournald. First mentioned it in this post. If you look in Activity Monitor, you’ll see the diskjournald running in the background, using no CPU and at little memory as possible. The actual work our agent performs is still carried out hourly, the diskjournald only makes a note in our diskjournald.plist when a volume mounts or unmounts.

The diskjournald process also paves the way for immediate notification for offline Xsan or iSCSI targets - an expansion of our existing volume monitoring.

Look for much more frequent updates in the rest of 2014, as this version also represented a full overhaul of how we track failures of the product. Now that we’re past this hurdle, updates will much more frequent.

We would like to thank Peter Hosey, whose job now includes reading your radar reports at Apple, for his help in bringing this tool to life.

All our best,
-The team at Watchman Monitoring