Mac Client 5.2.7 - Better CrashPlan results, iWorm protection


  • New Malware test for iWorm (Covers Mac OS X 10.5 to OS X 10.10)
  • Warn if the MAC Address of LightSpeed Pro servers change
  • Reports names of files CrashPlan fails to process

Bug Fixes

  • Ensured visibility of UPS and CrashPlan plugins in the PreferencePane
  • Ignore disk IO errors on non-present hard drives


  • Clarification on Backblaze output.
  • Support for payload free Client Group installers
  • Only test user accounts with valid home directories.

Ok- that’s nice but what does it all mean? Read on below, and feel free to comment, (perhaps as a new thread)

We frequently get reports that our reports of CrashPlan failing are overrated, and that it’s a false positive. In this release, we attempt to list out the files which prevent CrashPlan from getting to 100%.

Many times the culprits are temp files, iCloud meta files, but sometimes they are important. We can’t possibly know, but now we do the next best thing and let you know why our report isn’t in tune with the GUI, which happily ignores the errors.

If you find that you don’t care about the reported files, you can access the computer & remove them. Or access the CrashPlan server and mark the encompassing folder as one that shouldn’t back up.

As always, we look forward to hearing reports of reporting failures (and successes too :wink: ) at our support site:

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A quick heads up, though no action is required on your part.

Version 5.2.7, build 483, is going out now to address some false UPS Status warnings.