Mac Client 5.1.9 - CrashPlan Destinations, Malware - Careto Foung

###New Features / Enhancements

  • CrashPlan Client now reports the destination name (and GUID when problems arise)
  • API Compatible TeamViewer reporting.
  • Added checks for Careto and Foung to the Malware tests

###Bug Fixes

  • Better handling of long Client Group names set during automated installation
  • Fixed an issue where in rare situations Time Machine would fail to alert

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An important note about Time Machine reporting in 5.1.8, which is fixed in 5.1.9

The time machine bug would effect you if: You started time machine on a system, and it never finished once.
As 5.1.9 starts propagating it will note the date Time Machine was configured and if it’s been more than the allowed time (7 days by default) you will receive a warning that the backups aren’t happening.