Linux Agent 3.0 - Per-volume option monitoring, Auto Update options,


  • Monitor of any connected volume for presence and capacity.
  • Reports Primary IP Address
  • Reports Primary MAC Address
  • Support for Remote Removal
  • Improved Kerio Connect support, including expiration tracking
  • New boot and uptime reporting
  • Easy Auto-Update features (disabled by default)


  • Moved to Watchman Monitoring’s internal v3 reporting.
  • deb and rpm packaging now handled via fpm
  • Improved logging during installation, removal Log cleaned logs
  • Improved RAM reporting
  • Main settings file is now /etc/monitoringclient/client_settings.conf
  • Print version during installation

The Linux client is ideal for the average Mac admin who may be using a linux distribution to host Kerio Connect, CrashPlan PROe, or even JSS servers.


  • Unlike the Mac and Windows agents, the linux agent’s auto-update is disabled by default. Enable auto-update with:

    sudo run-client --auto-update true

  • Manually update using:

    sudo run-client --update -F

  • Additional details are in this Linux agent support article.